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The Girl Who Ventured West

a Johnny Appleseed Story

by: Blake Winston Rice

"After losing her parents, job, and relationship; Finn, a pessimistic paralegal struggling to uncover her own path, finds herself swept up in a westbound adventure of American Folklore, led by none other than a modern day Johnny Appleseed."

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Director / Screenwriter: 

Blake Winston Rice is an award-winning director and screenwriter whose work has been screened and distributed globally. Blake’s official directorial and screenwriter debut was with the short dramatic film entitled, “To Whom it May Concern” (2016). His next project forwarded his career by winning Best Director (New York City Independent Film Festival, 2019) for the melodrama, “People Like You” (2019). Both films recently acquired distribution on Direct TV, AT&T, Comcast and many more. Over the past year, Blake continued his directorial career with the lauded “The Creeper's Curse” (2019), “The Recovery Call” (2020), and Television Pilot “Big Dumb Theory” (2020). As well as directing, Blake has recently lent his producing skills to the dramatic film, “A Certain Kind of Person” and the dramatic thriller, “Elle.” Blake has the knack for directing and writing in multiple genres – from laugh out loud comedies to suspenseful thrillers. As a screenwriter Blake’s current projects are the comedy thriller “Special Days”, “The Girl Who Ventured West, A Johnny Appleseed Story” (Finalist: Hollywood Screenplay Competition), “Movie Magic” (Finalist: Houston Comedy Festival), “Special Days” (Semi Finalist: Dallas Int. Film Festival), and “Steps” - a dramedy filming August 2020. 

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